2004 Lake Hartwell Sail & Power Squadron Fall Color Cruise

Guntersville Lake - Oct. 1-3, 2004

What a great trip!  Our cruise started on a beautiful October Saturday in Tennessee.  After Locking from Nickajack Lake to Guntersville Lake we cruised for about an hour before rafting up for lunch.  The weather and fellowship was great.  We even attracted some guest from Golden Corners Squadron.   Well if you want the rest of the story watch your mail for the November Poinsett Pilot......................


Cruise Pictures


Getting Ready to Go


Hazy Saturday Morning


Waiting on the Lock to Open


Early Bird's in the Water


Ready to Enter Lock


Rafting Up in the Lock


Leaving the Lock


Pulling Out


Bigger Boat has the right of way


Cdr Pete Readying to Anchor


Early Bird Readies for Lunch


Wedding Party Crasher


Take Two Anchors for Lunch


GC Stops by




Early Bird


Kindred Spirit II


Kindred Spirit's Crew


Getting Underway


Early Bird Underway


Giving a Helping Hand


Power Plant along the River


Capt. Barry


Dock Party (wedding watchers)


The Ensign


Sunday Morning Return


Let's Go Home


Follow Me


Under a Bridge


Return Trip Scenery


Cdr Pete Approaching Lock


Waiting for Lock to Open


Take Two


Lock Open


Nickajack Crane


Exiting the Lock


Returning to the Ramp


Take Two Pulling out of the Lock


Back to Shellmound


Looking Back at the Lock


Take Two

Take Two, Take Two

Mountain Views

Runnin' on Fumes


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